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in the know…

29 Jan

There’s a secret location in Brooklyn. Well, not exactly a secret, but an undisclosed cathedral caged door that opens into a divinely lit dancing sanctuary.  Finding this treasure is far from hard, but to add to its ambiance there’s no sign on the door, so I tell you, it’s called Deity.

On the border of Downtown Brooklyn and Cobble Hill, this 2 story gem is worth the trip because it holds the sounds of some of the best DJs in the world.  This weekend in particular, DJ Dummy rocks the Underground; I really can’t wait!

Dummy truly understands how to communicate ‘have a good time’ to any crowd.  And have a good time I will! No pretentious clubs, two-stepping & profiling to choppy DJ transitions, but instead just really dancing and vibing out; remembering what good Hip-Hop and music in general sounds like. It’s a perfect way to warm up on a cold night, no fuss. It’s an experience that leaves a smile on your face.

Come out and experience a DJ Dummy party.  Saturday. Deity. Brooklyn. Don’t say i didn’t tell you…

burning down the house…

28 Jan

Uh oh, someone is posting the Album of the Week late…and that someone is me!

This week’s choice is not quite the norm for me, but not all of my picks are based on love or popularity…but more because I’m actually listening to it. I had this fiendish desire to have a Hip-Hop pick this week, since I’ve had some complaints that I don’t have enough (i guess my Black card is getting revoked).  Nothing really moved me though, and this week more than others, I desperately needed something that would move me figuratively and literally.

If you read Style Diary, Week 4, you’ll know that I’ve been lazy, so much so that I called it the Week of Sloth.  So I did the unthinkable and went with some House music for my choice.  As for as ‘Dance” genre, I like more drum and bass or some sort of electro-pop/rock/ or hip-hop fusion (DJ Shadow almost won, but I wanted something i haven’t heard); House isn’t normally my cup of tea, but I can deal with it in doses.  The right dose is apparently, Strictly Rhythms Volume 2 Mixed by Mr V,  which is a compilation album of popular House singles and remixes. It’s the perfect way not to get lyrics stuck in my head, focus, and get moving.  The album puts me in a rhythmic trace that allows me to not only focus consistently and get some work done, but also has me dancing and working out. So kudos to House music.

The rhythm of the songs have been the impetus to keeping me productive, La Mezcia, Carnival 93 and Get Up are my top choices off the album… I might need to make Get Up my alarm in the mornings! Give them a listen and see if an overwhelming energy doesn’t take over your body!

Since I didn’t find a Hip-Hop pick, I thought it would be appropriate to post this new remix of Drake’s Money to Blow, by A-trak that came out this week…it’s kind of a compromise (not exactly a compromise, original Blow record is weak, and definitely needed a dose of some energy) between what I wanted this week and what I ended up picking. Although this one, doesn’t make me productive…it makes me want to be at the club wasted at 2am jumping up and down…that’ll be this weekend! ha!

Hmmm….I wonder how that 24-hour champagne diet would work out?

A-Trak x Drake x Birdman, “Loonies to Blow”

Style Diary: Week 4

25 Jan

This week I’ve dubbed, the Week of Sloth. Except for Thursday and Saturday, I didn’t go anywhere further than walking distance.  Clothes took a bit of a back seat, I wore a robe from Monday night until Wednesday afternoon!  And I was too lazy to change my jeans over the weekend. I honestly don’t think it’s strange or gross, most people when they can (i think…) do the same thing, it’s just not documented, so it’ll be our little secret.  Funny, for Week #3 I was on vacation, yet i stayed active as if work was the priority, and now I’m back in NYC and I’ve taken a mind fart.  I’m not going to beat myself up about it, because starting February 1st, my life will be turned upside down again, juggling managing DJ Dummy, going to school full-time, and trying to get a couple projects off the ground.  So cheers to sloth!

I’m partly joking about the sloth thing, I was actually quite productive this week (i just barely left the house), but the goal was comfort with very little effort and thought.  My favorite outfit of the week was Friday, I think it’s comfortable, and perfectly displayed how I felt that day.  My favorite picture was Tuesday, I liked the shadows from the blinds and I think I might convert that robe into a dress or something…I’m feeling the fabric! Overall I’ll admit, the week was kind of bland…but i don’t think being stylish means pushing the envelope everyday.  Oh and to clarify, I only got dressed to workout on Monday…not covering your buttocks while wearing leggings is a no go under any other circumstance.

Enjoy the week, stay inspired!









the pursuit of happiness…

24 Jan

Anyone that knows me, knows that I’m big into psychology and self-help…go ahead and judge.  And from a very young age, I’ve always had this weird overwhelming desire to find happiness.  I’ve grown to realize it’s not something to be found, but more about your mindset.  I’m not always the most positive person, so the whole euphoria thing is challenging, but I’m consciously and continually rewiring my thought process.

Oddly over the last week, I was reflecting on how much of a pessimist I can be and how cynical I am, and how I need to be more open. Then I watched Conan O’Brien’s last show, and he mentioned at the end of his monologue, particularly to young people, to not be cynical and how cynicism is his least favorite character trait, and being that way gets you no where; it struck a cord. It’s so true, if you are open, not judgmental, and can think positively about life and the people in it, not everything will be as you envisioned, but good things will come to you. Plus ‘lucky’ people rarely are cynics.

Anyway, below is something I clipped from Self Magazine in January of ’09, and it’s been on my vision board ever since.  Maybe it’ll bring a little happiness in your life, I like to do #1 every night (you can judge me again).  I also posted the clip from Conan I was referring to.

It’s a new day, be happy! =)

i love vodka…

22 Jan

I do love Vodka, not really Absolut though….i’m more of a Grey Goose, Kettle One, 32 Below, Finlandia or Svedka kind of girl.  Regardless Absolut gets cool points in my book for their Spike Jonze collaboration.

Absolut teamed up with Spike Jonze, and gave him total creative control to make a short film. The imaginative result was I’m Here, which debuted yesterday (1/21) at the Sundance Film Festival.

I’ve posted the trailer, I really enjoyed it…it struck a cord with me. The soundtrack includes original music by Sam Spiegel and original songs by L.A.-based art musician Aska Matsumiya and other emerging musicians.

What do you dream about?

Sick Sad Morning

21 Jan

Check out my boys, The Dig‘s performance at Mercury Lounge during CMJ 2009. If you look closely you can see me in the audience hahaha.

They hit the road with Portugal the Man (another one of my favs, who had Album of the Week in November), the Editors and a couple of other bands.

You can also catch their song Look Inside on Vampire Diaries tonight at 8pm on the CW!

i want it…

19 Jan

I have a habit of making up things (clothing items) in my head that don’t actually exist; I probably should have become a designer…hey it’s never too late.  Anyway, since last summer, I’ve been searching high and low for a pair of boots I had a dream about.  They were flat above the ankle lace-up boots, that were dark brown leather with cream canvas side accents, and a brown leather kiltie (the kiltie is optional though).  I don’t like to settle, but I thought i was going to have to resort to one of the high-end fashionable combat boots I’ve seen out.  But alas, the Sendra’s Old English Boot, it’s just about workable.  No cream canvas, instead blue suede, and no kiltie, but that never killed anybody. Sendra is an internationally respected shoe company, known for its amazing and super durable boots.  Which is great and all, but that $458 price tag made me go from a shoegasm to a heart attack! $500 is it worth it? hmmmm….