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WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN’: GossYp and Aglit Italy

28 Nov

Gossyp Jai Nima Idowu JADO Images Fashion Style What Gets You Movin

I’m always looking for people, things, videos…anything, that inspires me.  Inspiration creatively, visually, mentally, spiritually, just something that moves me. I’ve been fortunate to not only meet, but sometimes shoot many who move me in some way. Because of this, I’m starting a new interview series where we get a chance to speak with some of these people who have moved me in some way and see what they have going on.

For the 1st interview post, I spoke with female music duo, GossYp. I’ve had the pleasure of shooting these beautiful sisters, Adina and Amina, a few time this year. Not only are these Brooklyn born, Long Island-bred girls, chill, down to earth, and nice, they are Continue reading


15 Oct

T.I. has jumped on the “Ni**as in Paris” track from Jay-Z and Kanye’s album Watch the Throne.  I’m not the biggest T.I. fan, but I actually like his verse.  My issue is that he just added his verse to the original track, so by the time Kanye says, “She said Ye can we get married at the maaaall,” I forgot T.I’s verse.

People have been rapping the words, to quite possibly the strongest track on WTT for 2 months,…should have gotten out earlier, Tip.  Great attempt though..

Listen to the track below: