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style diary, week 8

26 Feb

Waawhoooo! Week 8, 2 months down! Like every week until May, I have a lot to jam into my days with very little sleep, so comfort seems to be the key to everything for me. Even when I’m going ‘out out,’ I’ve taken the getting dressed up thing down a few notches. Heels seem like such a pain in the butt right now…but i’m sure I’ll get over it when the weather warms my toes.

You’ll notice that my Harllem lace-up boots by Steve Madden, that debuted in Week 7, are in full effect this week. They are so comfortable and perfect with this icky weather. Whether I’m wearing them with legging, relaxed jeans, or a skirt, i tend to feel bad ass in them, sort of like a sexy girl rockin’ Tims in a weird way.

Since I’ve started Style Diary, I haven’t posted my clothing changes. We all have days we wear more than one outfit, so I decided to post mine on Friday. I’m not sure if I like how it looks aesthetically on the site, but when i make a decision you may be seeing more.

Anywho, my favorite picture this week was Sunday, maybe it was the white shirt that made my eyes look striking, but I just thought the picture was the strongest. My favorite outfit of the week was Friday night. You can’t go wrong with a leather skirt and I’ve been a little bit obsessed with denim jackets as of late. I thought it was a cute outfit for a run-in with my crush, even if i didn’t end up speaking to him. lol

Be pleased with how you look each time you walk out the house! Enjoy the rest of your week!

*****don’t forget to click on the pictures to see them better.