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29 Jun

I listened to Marvin’s Room about 10 times on Sunday, a new single leaked by Drake.  I wasn’t going to give it a chance, after hearing his horrible song Trust Issues, which was leaked the week before.  Maybe I’m just not a fan of Drake singing because Trust Issues was just a whiny mess to me! But I’m all about vibe, and something about the vibe of Marvin’s Room I understood, and liked.

As a visual artist, I’ve always made up how I’d want a music video to be, and with all the gloss that usually makes up a ‘Hip-Hop’ video, I’m usually thoroughly unimpressed.  The new video for Marvin’s Room however, is how it should be; it’s a literally song, that displays a literal video. And although I would do things a bit differently, I really won’t complain about it. It’s refreshing, in particular when talking about a rapper, to see one act like a loser (ok sorry, a cornball having a desperately hard time dealing with girls and fame), instead of these puffed up, arrogant, egotist who we normally are bombarded with .

So thumbs up from me! ….for all those glossy videos, that have nothing to do with the song; ‘I’m just saying you can do better…”