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17 Jul

I’ve been doing some blogging for a popular hip-hop blog, that highlights music and sports, among other things.  With hip-hop being ubiquitous, over the decades we’ve seen it transcend past just say basketball and football lovers, but also skateboarders and BMX riders; which I think is amazing.  Knowing this transition into dare i say, ‘hipster rappers,’ I thought this video of Nigel Sylvester, a sick BMX rider from Queens, would be a great post for hip-hop and sports lovers.  It’s a extended commercial for G-Shock shot by the talented photographer and director 13th Witness.  My blog bosses didn’t seem to agree with me, I guess it wasn’t relevant to the ‘hip-hop’ viewers of their site (or maybe cause it was a technically a commercial), but thank god I have my own, so enjoy!

Expect to see a lot more of Nigel Sylvester, and 13th Witness for that matter, in the near feature!

Oh, do you know who’s beat that is?  I think it’s my favorite part of the video! lol