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29 Jun

I listened to Marvin’s Room about 10 times on Sunday, a new single leaked by Drake.  I wasn’t going to give it a chance, after hearing his horrible song Trust Issues, which was leaked the week before.  Maybe I’m just not a fan of Drake singing because Trust Issues was just a whiny mess to me! But I’m all about vibe, and something about the vibe of Marvin’s Room I understood, and liked.

As a visual artist, I’ve always made up how I’d want a music video to be, and with all the gloss that usually makes up a ‘Hip-Hop’ video, I’m usually thoroughly unimpressed.  The new video for Marvin’s Room however, is how it should be; it’s a literally song, that displays a literal video. And although I would do things a bit differently, I really won’t complain about it. It’s refreshing, in particular when talking about a rapper, to see one act like a loser (ok sorry, a cornball having a desperately hard time dealing with girls and fame), instead of these puffed up, arrogant, egotist who we normally are bombarded with .

So thumbs up from me! ….for all those glossy videos, that have nothing to do with the song; ‘I’m just saying you can do better…”


20 Jun

So don’t judge me, but I love Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night video.  The song is generic pop, so I don’t love song the song or anything, but the video is fun and funny. I’m an 80s baby, I still love watching 80s movies, and I can actually appreciate the cameos (HELLO! Kenny G), unlike Katy Perry’s predominant fan base.  The only thing I could fault the video for is that she has a laptop, but hey, what better way to mesh today with the 80s!

So if you’re an 80s baby, enjoy…if you’re not, well enjoy anyway.


19 Feb

After Sunday night’s Grammy’s an amazing announcement was made, Radiohead is releasing a new album for download on Saturday!  The album ended up coming out a day early (yesterday Friday).  I’m not ready to talk about my thoughts of The King of Limbs quite yet, but I will say innovative as always.  In the interim though, watch the video of the 1st single, Lotus Flower where, if you’ve ever seen a Radiohead concert, Thom Yorke is showing his moves.  Enjoy.

If you haven’t bought it yet, you can do so here.


8 Jan

My homie Live Wire dropped a new single and video for his song Say Yea, featuring Mike Shorey; I can definitely hear this one in the club! Check out the video, it has most of stereotypical elements of a Hip-Hop video; cars and half-naked girls, but hey, I guess that’s what the people like to see! So ladies listen to the song and get ready for the club, and dudes enjoy the eye candy.  I must say though, the girl in the small red top motivates me to keep my gym and ab game tight!