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WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN’: Inspirational Souls

9 Jan

Raedawn Johnson

My friend Raedawn Johnson was featured in Essence.com!  Raedawn is the founder of Orglamic Beauty and a celebrity makeup artist here in NYC, we’ve collaborated a couple of times, and I’m so happy that she’s getting some shine.  She’s such a great, energetic soul! Check out her great story, as well as a few tips to you aspiring makeup artists.

Here’s and excerpt:

” I was 21 years old, had just landed in New York City and was laser-focused on accomplishing one goal—becoming a well-known, well-respected TV and film actress. After five years of hearing casting directors tell me I didn’t “look ethnic enough” or my skills weren’t “good enough,” I decided I needed a plan B.” Go to Essence.com to read the rest of the Raedawn’s story.


15 Sep

Ladies! Do you need an afternoon of pampering and fabulousness?  Then the place to be today, is The Glossy Party.  They’ll have hair blowouts, foot baths, skin evaluations an lots more!  Buy tickets right here, and run over and get your afternoon of indulgence!

WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN?: inspirational souls

25 Dec

Somewhere between my quick business trip to Barbados with Dj Dummy and returning to the cold of NYC, I got a bit of my mojo back!

As my return to NYC tweet last night stated, I’m back on my grind:

…oddly enough in the process of looking for some info and reading the January 2012 issue of Self magazine, I ran into this video featuring A-trak, Curtis Kulig, Carlos Quirarte.  The video is a piece on people grinding in NYC that went with HBO’s now cancelled show, How to Make it in America (I’m sad about the cancellation, but they needed better writers, and needed to stop showing the obvious and develop the not understood). 

As i digress, this is a great piece to get motivated if you lost a little bit of your mojo.


19 Nov

I’m just going to knock all these backed-up Style Diaries out on this nice Saturday!

The last full week of October was a pretty good but a busy week.  On Tuesday I got a chance to see my artist and homie, DJ Dummy, kill it at Best Buy theater along side the amazing J.Cole, here in NYC.  On Thursday I went downtown to shoot the beautiful and quirky Amel Larrieux perform at City Winery; great show!  Other than that it was midterms week, and I was working like a maniac, so I kind of forgot to shoot a few outfits.  But hey, Tuesday‘s (this week’s fav outfit) blouse from my favorite vintage store Loveday 31, in Astoria,makes up for that.

Wearing such an adorned top, which i might add is so loose and comfortable, can dress anything up with very little effort.

Also the key for me this week, and most weeks, is wear a good lipstick color, when you’re half dead like I was Wednesday and Thursday, (i was actually dead on Friday) a little color goes a long away, it makes you appear more awake and put together than you actually are.

Happy Dressing!









WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN?: photography

14 Nov

I haven’t exactly been happy with my work over the last few months, but being in school means I’m forced to show things whether I’m ready or not.  So alas, I must show some work.

Come check out the 3rd Year BFA Photography Exhibit, tomorrow (Tuesday) at the Fashion Institute of Technology, 5pm, and see what my fellow juniors and I have been working on. (For those out of the loop for the last 2 1/2 years, I’m a junior at FIT, working on my 2nd Bachelor’s degree. )

Check the link for more info!


WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN?: photography

22 Jun

Next week Tuesday, June 28th, some of my work will be shown at Aperture Gallery here in NYC.  I participated in a photo camp in May in conjunction with Aperture Gallery and Sony and this is the result of us looking into ‘Culture Now.’  Should be a good night of art and wine!

with the birds i share this lonely view…

24 Feb

I haven’t written a blurb about the Album of the Week in two weeks.  This is because for the last two weeks Sade’s Solider of Love has been posted as the pick.  I wanted to gush and have amazing things to say about Solider of Love, and while it definitely wasn’t a bad album, I found that most things that I had to say about it were negative.  Since I’m a Sade fanatic (I guess not to the point of never finding fault), I decided not to write anything bad about the album. I will say though, Moon and the Sky, Morning Bird, and the album titled track Solider of Love are beautiful songs.

Sade’s newest effort left me a bit somber; to snap out of it I spent some time listening to Beach House’s new album, Team Dream.  The album didn’t quite get me out of my somber state, but the duo created a very mellow but rhythmic, dreamy vibe, that I really loved.  When you get a chance, check out the Baltimore natives, they are listed as last week’s Album of the Week here.

I was listening to my favorite radio station here in NYC, RXP 101.9, and they played Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) by Green Day. It’s one of my favorite acoustic songs, and it just made me nostalgic for 90’s Alterative bands; great times.  That’s why for this week I decided to go West, and pick one of my all-time favorite bands, Red Hot Chili Peppers, their album Californication, is one of my favorites.  The album holds 5 songs by the L.A. based band that I love, most notably Scar Tissue, as well as Otherside, Californication, Porcelain, and Road Trippin’. If the album had Soul to Squeeze, and even commercially popular Under the Bridge and Give it Away Now, I’d probably lose my mind, but then again it would lose some of the Rock-Rap vibe that is synonymous with RHCP. Take a listen.

Below is the video for Scar Tissue, it’s quite possibly my favorite music video. It completely encapsulates the vibe of the song, and I just want to go out and wander with the sun basking on my face!

SingingFool.com – Red Hot Chili Peppers – Scar Tissue – Music Video