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don’t tweet your face(book) off…

23 Mar

My blog post Don’t Tweet Your Face(book) Off via Tyra.com

I love the progression of Social Networking; we can share everything with our tweeps and ‘friends’ in a second’s notice, but it seems that it has affected our human interaction.  Instead of a phone call, text, or email- we now update our status. I think we’re beginning to tweet our faces off!

Here are 5 things to share with people (the ones you actually can touch) instead of to your network:

1.  VDA (Viral Displays of Affection):

I miss my honey so much, I can’t wait to see him later and give him a big kiss.

— Sweet, honest it is.  But keep that to yourself. Tell or text your ‘honey,’ not your social network.

2.  The Play by Play:
OMG! Are you serious! What is Jennings doing?!

— I like sports, but I don’t know who Jennings is or what he’s doing! Stop being a sportscaster on Twitter and just have a game day party with friends.

3.  What’s Your 20:
I’m in a cab going down 9th Avenue.

— I’m not quite sure whom you should be sharing this with, but this should definitely be a conversation between you and the person you’re hopefully meeting, not the entire cyber-world.

4.  Get off the Poll:
What should I eat, guys?.. What album should l listen to?

— I don’t know; I’m not a mind reader. Statuses aren’t an “Ask the Audience” Lifeline. Ask your BFF, they know you best.

5.  TMI:
My boyfriend just broke up with me without an explanation. I can’t get out of bed. FML.

— I sympathize, I really do.  But maybe this is the time to call your girls, and have a girl’s sleepover fest to cheer you up.

Follow these tips and your real-life social network will grow with a little face-to-face contact, feel free to share everything to actual ears.

i shot a baby…but i didn’t get arrested

1 Mar

If you recall my tweets, you may remember that I said I shot a baby.  I love saying it because it sounds so wrong.  Obviously since I’m a photographer, I don’t mean with a gun.  Anyway, so a few weeks a go, I had the pleasure of photographing a friend’s newborn.  Some may know, I’m not exactly the most maternal of sorts, plus it was my 1st time shooting a baby.  I was excited and nervous, but it came out pretty good.  Here are a few of my favorites:

twitter seems to have converted even the snobbish of sort…

7 Dec

Do you TwitPic? On occasion I do, when necessary…like last week when a grown ass man was wearing pink, rhinestone encrusted Hello Kitty slippers on the train, i HAD to share…as i digress.

Apparently Twitter’s alternate picture upload site, TwitPic has tickled the fancy of the fashion industry.  This month’s issue of Italian Vogue is dedicated to Twitter.  Along with a great publicist, Italian Vogue always seems to stay relevant, remember all the stir around the
All Black Issue this past summer?  Anyway, the cover of the new issue is a collage of model twitpics and inside is a spread, under direction of Steven Meisel, of models such as Christy Turlington, Natalia Vodianova, and Gisele Bundchen twitpic-ing themselves.

I’m not usually a big fan of the whole twitter thing becoming mainstream; yet there is something engaging about the concept.  I also like the sort of grainy, lo-res, unprofessional appeal of the pictures; a nice change of pace, of the over glossed magazine pictures that we normally see.  Kudos to Italian Vogue.