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WHAT GETS YOU MOVIN’: Noble Greek Beenie

29 Nov

nobe wearenoble clothing what gets you movin

Need a gift idea?

My friends at Noble clothing have restocked their sold out Noble Greek Beenie.  It’s cold outside so pick one up!


style diary: week 1

4 Jan

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been toying with this idea of documenting everything i wear for a year, an experiment of sorts, better yet, a styling diary.  I’m not some self-professed fashionista, nor do I have an exuberant amount of clothing; I actually don’t even like shopping.  What I do like, are to wear clothes and mix and match outfits, as a now extremely budget conscious freelancer hit by the recession, I find doing this very challenging, but fun.  More than anything, I love how clothes can just describe your mood, or say something about you as a person.  I can’t fully describe why I’m doing this Style Diary, because I don’t fully know why, but you can join me along the ride as I figure it out in my head.

My Style Diary won’t be like flipping through Elle magazine, wishing you could somehow save up for the new Balenciaga ballerina flats.  It also won’t be like looking at the red carpet style pages of your weekly smut mag, sorry my life isn’t that exciting.  Although i have my dealings with the ‘industry,’ I’m a pretty regular, but dress conscious kind of girl.  I do have the luxury of doing things in spurts, so there will be times I don’t leave the house for days or don’t change my clothes, because I’m curled up with a good book or I’m working on a project, and my clothes will surely reflect that.  I’m mostly running errands, and now I’ve added classes to my schedule, but there are other times when I need to get creative with my limited wardrobe, because I’m always on the go, and I have events to continually get dressed for.  Regardless, over the years, I never thought that comfort would overshadow glamor, but it has begun to, so you’ll notice that most things are quite comfy.

I’m excited to get this idea started, the only part that sucks is now I can’t double up on an outfit in a week, thinking no one really saw it (yes, I’ve done that =) ), because now everyone will really see it!

This week my favorite outfit was Wednesday when I went to Greenhouse and Negril Village.  The skirt was new, i got a great deal on it; I love thrift shops!