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Style Diary: Week 4

25 Jan

This week I’ve dubbed, the Week of Sloth. Except for Thursday and Saturday, I didn’t go anywhere further than walking distance.  Clothes took a bit of a back seat, I wore a robe from Monday night until Wednesday afternoon!  And I was too lazy to change my jeans over the weekend. I honestly don’t think it’s strange or gross, most people when they can (i think…) do the same thing, it’s just not documented, so it’ll be our little secret.  Funny, for Week #3 I was on vacation, yet i stayed active as if work was the priority, and now I’m back in NYC and I’ve taken a mind fart.  I’m not going to beat myself up about it, because starting February 1st, my life will be turned upside down again, juggling managing DJ Dummy, going to school full-time, and trying to get a couple projects off the ground.  So cheers to sloth!

I’m partly joking about the sloth thing, I was actually quite productive this week (i just barely left the house), but the goal was comfort with very little effort and thought.  My favorite outfit of the week was Friday, I think it’s comfortable, and perfectly displayed how I felt that day.  My favorite picture was Tuesday, I liked the shadows from the blinds and I think I might convert that robe into a dress or something…I’m feeling the fabric! Overall I’ll admit, the week was kind of bland…but i don’t think being stylish means pushing the envelope everyday.  Oh and to clarify, I only got dressed to workout on Monday…not covering your buttocks while wearing leggings is a no go under any other circumstance.

Enjoy the week, stay inspired!